God Cares About Your Home Status

Being A Christian and Your Home Status

This Sunday, February 10, I will begin a three part sermon series on being a Christian and your home status.   Did you know that fifty percent of the adults in our church family are single?  The second sermon of the series will address what the Bible has to say to those of you who are single.  Many of us in our church are parents or grandparents, so the third sermon will speak to the importance of parent child relationship.  But we will begin with those of us who are married.   The first sermon in the series will speak to the Christian perspective of marriage.  Whether you are single or married, a parent or grandparent or both, the Lord is interested in your home status.  As we will see, our relationship with Him should define how we live with those at home. 


Sermon Series Dates

Sunday, February 10  Being Christian & Married

Sunday, February 17  Being Christian & Single

Sunday, February 24  Being Christian & A Parent

Looking Up, Growing Within, And Reaching Out