This site is being remodled!!!

In our lives we are to daily examine ourselves.  In like manner we   periodically review this web site.  It is a good site, but like each person, there is always room to adjust and modify to make it even better!  Please bear with us as we attempt this work. ...

Come Worship With Us!

You will find a warm and sincere welcome.  It is our desire to encourage one another in the love and truth of Jesus Christ our Lord. Believers simply call one another brothers and sisters in the Lord.  (Acts 2:42; Hebrews 3:12-14; 10:25) You will find a simple worship service that...

The Five “Ships” of Christian Growth

Do you know that one of the earliest symbols for the church was a ship?  That’s because a ship was seen as a necessity to reach a distance shore that was otherwise impossible to reach or it was seen as a necessary vessel in order to survive an impossible environment. ...

The Holy Spirit

Electricity is awesome!  It makes life so much easier.  You really appreciate the wonders of electricity when you lose it.  For thousands on the Gulf Coast during Hurricane Isaac that was the case.  They lost power.  Air conditions, microwaves, computers, refrigerators, televisions, lights, washers and dryers didn’t work.  Many people...

Schedule of Services

Bible Classes --------9:45 am
Morning Worship ---10:45 am
Evening Worship ----6:00 pm

Bible Study ---------7:00 pm

Brother Mike's Office Hours

Tuesday -- Off
Afternoons - Visitation
Other times by appointment

Our Location

We are located at
118 St. Louis St.
Denham Springs, La.

Phone (225) 665-5261

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