Flood Relief


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NOTE:  We are having worship services each Sunday at 10:45.  All are welcome to attend!
(The buildings are now being repaired.  There is a lot of work left to do.  But We don’t need fancy pews to worship our God!)


What happened:

Denham Springs, LA has suffered a major blow.  Estimates are up to 90% of homes and businesses received some flood damage, in most cases several feet of water all the way to total devastation. 100% of the people are affected.  In our church family alone, over 25 homes were devastated. We are a small congregation so this is devastating to us.

For those outside the area, this was a historic event.  In a period of 48 hours this region received over 28 inches of rain.  All waterways were simply overwhelmed.  Many who do not know the area may think people built in flood prone areas.  This is not the case. To put it in perspective, Intersate 12 and Intersate 10 were shut down due to feet of water over them.  There was simply too much rain and nowhere for it to go.

Most homes did not require flood insurance because they were not in a flood zone.  Homeowners insurance, in most cases, does not cover any of the loss.  FEMA may help some, but the costs to rebuild far exceed any assistance provided by the federal government.

What we are doing:

Our community is rallying, helping.  Family and neighbors are taking in those who have no place. We live in a great community where people are coming together to help.  It is heartbreaking to see the devastation but heartwarming to see the outpouring of compassion.

The church buildings were flooded by over 3 feet of water.  Volunteers have started the reclamation process by tearing out all pews, Sheetrock and carpet.  But in spite of the damage, the congregation is using the drying sanctuary to distribute relief supplies received from sister congregations in the area as well as the Churches of Christ disaster relief mission from Nashville, TN to anyone in the community in need.  A group of Christian volunteers from Mississippi and Baton Rough have set up in the parking lot to prepare hot meals, free to anyone, between 2 PM and 5PM daily, except Sunday.

What can you do to help:

First, your prayers are needed.  We need God’s comfort and guidance in this time of stress and devastation.

Second, funds are needed to purchase food, clothing, and the other necessities that so many families lost. Many escaped the rising water with only the clothes on their back.  Homes need to have all wet items removed, including furniture, carpeting, drywall, appliances, bedding.  The homes need to be dried and disinfected before being restored.  This process is long and laborious, but will save a house.  Fans, cleaning supplies, anti-mold and bactericide,  dehumidifiers, air conditioners:  these are items needed to start the recovery process.  Once a house is dried and treated reconstruction can begin.

If you wish to provide financial aid, please click the PayPal link at the top of this page, and in the “Purpose” section of the PayPal donation form simply write “Flood”.  The funds collected will be put to good use by our elders to help those in our community less fortunate.

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You may wish to send a check instead.  If so, please mail to our address below, make check payable to Denham Springs church of Christ, and in the comments line write ‘flood relief’.

Our location and mailing address:

We are located at
118 St. Louis St.
Denham Springs, La.
Click here for a map.
(225) 665-5261

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